Homeopathy Recommended Reading

cover "Organon of the Medical Art"
by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.
For the serious student, this is the source.
Newly translated into modern English from
the original German, now available in paperback!


"The Science of Homeopathy"
by George Vithoulkas.
A very good overview and introduction to
the philosophy of homeopathy by one of
the best know homeopaths practicing today.


"Homeopathic Methodology:
Repertory, Case Taking and Case Analysis"
by Todd Rowe, MD.
This is the introductory book so many
homeopaths wish they had started with...


"Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs:
Small Doses for Small Animals"
by Don Hamilton.
An excellent resource from a veterinarian.
Dr. Hamilton covers diet, vaccination and a
host of other important topics, from a truly
homeopathic perspective.


cover "Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats:
The Ultimate Diet"
by Kymythy R. Schultze.
This is my favorite book on species
appropriate diet for dogs and cats. She covers
the Why, as well as the How... and she does it
concisely. Other books may have more detail,
but this one you can read in an afternoon.