Feeding Pets Naturally

The hounds have always eaten better than we people do, but we are constantly striving to catch up. Check out the Eating Naturally links for information specifically directed at people. Check the links below for information on making your pets happy about their food...
Bone appetite!

Links to information and suppliers:

Paige Lee Raw Pet Diets

Blue Ridge Beef: Raw Meat for Dogs - Cats

Raw Meaty Bones

Hare Today Gone Tomorrow

Zoological Pet Food, Inc. - Mice on Ice Home Page

Healthy Pet Products

Jane Anderson's Raw Learning Site

Mike Dupuy Hawk Food - Day-Old Chicks, Quail for Raptors

Roberta Jamieson's Page

Green Tripe

Peaceful Pastures

Oma's Pride Home

Nu Dimensions Nutrition

Maria Zorka's page on how to prepare raw meals for dogs and cats Home